Frequently Asked Questions

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Toys on Wheels
RV Storage

Does the rent price include electricity for everyone?
   Most units have electricity. We have units with 110 power, 30 amp, and 50 amp. Electricity can be used to maintain batteries, and keep refrigerator cool. Air conditioners can be used only during loading or unloading your RV or while cleaning your RV. When storing your RV air conditioning units must be off. 

Can I access my RV or boat when the office is closed?
   Yes , every customer has their own code to get into the gate 24 hours per day x 7 days per week.

Do you sell any other products on the premises? 
   Yes, Toys on Wheels sells an assortment of RV Supplies in the office, and we have a full catalog in which you can order most essential parts and supplies for your RV. We also sell bagged ice onsite for your convenience.

Is the RV wash open to the public?
   No, the RV wash will be open only to the tenants of Toys on Wheels RV Storage and those with memberships. All the tenants at Toys on Wheels will have a complimentary RV wash membership.( A $300.00/yr value) This is a membership only and does not include the price of the wash. If you park your RV someplace other than Toys on Wheels, you can buy a membership to the wash area.  

Is the RV wash free?
   No, it is not free, but it does cost a lot less than hiring someone to wash your RV. It has an overhead spray system to rinse the top, it is easier than washing it at your home, and has a great spot free rinse system so that you do not need to dry it.  There is also a wax feature if you desire. Most RV's can be washed for $20.00. Only a really big rig or a really dirty RV will cost slightly more.  

How secure is Toys on Wheels?
   Toys on Wheels RV storage is a well lit facility,with lots of cameras that  record to DVR equipment 24 hours per day . It is fenced in, and has computerized gate access.

Where is Toys on Wheels RV located?
   We are at 1382 Engineers Rd. in Belle Chasse, La.  We are 1.9 miles west of  Belle Chasse Hwy (Hwy 23)( See a map on our previous page labeled "about our business") 

Toys on Wheels
RV storage
1382 Engineers Rd
Belle Chasse, La 70037